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Oslo Impro Festival 2023 - Tuesday Showstarters

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Welcome to the second day of Oslo Impro Festival!
Come watch these teams on stage:


Sindre, Julie, Thomas, and Marius spin a dramatic story from a single meaningful object provided by you, the audience. We are all a part of the members community at Impro Neuf, and can't wait to perform our new format to our beloved festival audience.

Freudian Slippers

We are an authentic Chateau Neuf-born and raised improv team, formed originally as a mixer before the 2019 OIF. Freudian Slippers have been experimenting with various show formats ranging from pure longform to shortform and game-based variations. We aim to bring the subconscious of our characters to life on stage, exploring the funky, twisted, adorable, and thought-provoking aspects of human beings. This is all inspired by the lovely audience, though any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental - of course:) 

The Problem Fixers

Do you have an issue or a problem in your life that you don't know to tackle? Don't worry! The Problem Fixers are here to help you. The concept is simple: a lucky audience member gets to see one of their problems get solved on stage in the form of a long-form story. Nothing is planned, everything is improvised. Join and look into the crystal ball with The Problem Fixers. The Problem Fixers consists of the improvisers Eirik and Markus. They will take you on a journey to the future where anything can happen.

Loose Connections

Loose Connections is comprised of 6 people who are more or less loosely connected to 11 countries, five continents, and each other. They share a love for grounded improv scenes interjected with a dash of quirkiness and the absurd.

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Alcoholic drinks are sold at Chateau Neuf's bars and may be taken into the theatre.
Age limit 18 and over. Persons under 18 require guardianship (please contact CN).