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Oslo Impro Festival 2023 - Tuesday Late Laughs

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Hawn & Hudson 

Moms, a celebration
Some mothers are kind. Some are strict. Some are childish, nerdy, or way too much into soccer. Some mothers keep rearranging your spice rack every time they visit even if you’ve asked them not to. Some daughters visit every week, some live out their mothers childhood dreams and some will forever be that little girl that needs reassurance. In “Moms, a celebration”, Nardje Trepels and Jenny Hasenack tell a few of the infinite amount of stories about mothers and their children – including some of their own.

Somewhat Theatre

Somewhat Theatre have been trying to discover how to make improv feel like a play for the past 7 years. They are somewhat closer to the answer now.

The Short Form Festival Show
This show will showcase the talent within the audience by inviting you to participate in a short-form jam show. With the simple gesture of raising your hand, you can join in the fun and engage in some delightful and silly activities with your fellow festival attendees. We also welcome a great audience, so even if you don't wish to take the stage, you're more than welcome!

Everyone who participates on stage will receive a prize! Come and join the short-form fun, energetically led by Simen Wright.

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Alcoholic drinks are sold at Chateau Neuf's bars and may be taken into the theatre.
Age limit 18 and over. Persons under 18 require guardianship (please contact CN).