Impro Neuf proudly presents Oslo Impro Festival 2018 and the show WEDENSDAY FESTIVAL WONDER

Performing teams: SWIPE(NO) - Salt(DK) - The Dreamers(FR) - Limboland(US)  -TJ&T(US/NO)


SWIPE(NO) is a show where you choose the characters. It’s the signature piece of Arnika, one of Oslo´s most experienced duos. They improvise songs and scenes with a strong emotional base, and you get to know the characters’ hidden sides and vulnerabilities.

Salt(DK) is a dark Harold that explores improvisation beyond comedy. Feel all the feelings that come from lingering in tension and going to the dark side. Some characters get what they want, others have it snatched away. An enjoyable.

Two thumbs up!

The Dreamers(FR) aim for the same warm and fuzzy feelings of a romantic comedy movie. Love is the best story. By taking it slow, The Dreamers allow the scenes to grow organically. They take a song title from the audience and use it to start scenes. It’s a free-form format, where a common thread is found and used to meld the scenes into a coherent story, without any loose ends. Get ready for surprising characters and unexpected endings.

Limboland(US) - One man. Four chairs. Unlimited characters. LimboLand is a one man tour-de-force. Veteran actor/improvisor T.J. Mannix plays every role in a completely improvised, music-fueled show. Whether duetting with himself or playing eight family members at the same time, T.J. mines the humor, passion, and dark sides that make us irresistible. At the mercy of Music Director James Rushin, any character can be forced to skillfully break into song.

TJ&T(US/NO) - The Americas and the Nordics joins forces when veteran improviser and all-round talent T.J. Mannix teams up with artistic director of Impro Neuf, Terje Brevik.

Not at all to be confused with TJ & Dave, these two gentlemen will do their best to take care of your improv needs. Just sit back, relax and enjoy!


Venue: Lillesalen, Chateau Neuf
Doors open 20:45 (Show starts on time @21:00)
Duration: ca. 120 minutes (10 min intermission)


120 NOK, Regular

70 NOK  (Performers, Volenteers and Workshop Participants)



Alcoholic drinks are sold at Chateau Neuf's bars and may be taken into the theatre.
You may NOT bring any alcohol from outside Chateau Neuf.
Age limit 18 and over. Persons under 18 require guardianship (please contact CN).


The show starts precisely on time. If you are later then show start entrance is not guaranteed!

Schedule and content are subject to change
Tickets are non-refundable