Impro Neuf proudly presents Oslo Impro Festival 2018 and the show TUESDAY FESTIVAL TAKE-OFF

Performing teams: Marienettes(NO) - Boy Good(NO) - Trouple(NO) - Going Steady(US) - The Improv Speakeasy + Festival All-Stars(NO/US)


Marienettes(NO) is a trio formed of three improvisers trained at the Nette school of impro. If you think of their style as a dish, you will find that among the Nettes,
Marie is the spice that heightens the experience, while keeping it just at the right temperature.
Harald is the sweet aftertaste which stays with you the whole night. One burp, and its back in your mouth.
Terje is their third member.
Why eat anywhere else?

Boy Good(NO) - What makes a boy good? Is it his values? The way he talks? The way he makes you feel? The way of the dragon? All, none or some of these questions might be answered in this improvised mess!

Something is for certain though, Thomas Christoffersen and Petter Holstad Wright are two good boys. They started improvising together at Improv Neuf International sometime in 2015, joined teams together in 2017, decided to try out as a duo in 2018, and then learned the secrets of time travel and did solo shows in Bulgaria in 1988.

Trouple(NO) - Do you remember the event of your first kiss? What was going on on your mind, were you thinking of spending a lifetime together? We will see how a relationship start from there. All the ups and downs. Come see us, because YOU decide the beginning.


Going Steady(US) - Real Couple. Real Comedy. Stacey Smith and Matt Castellvi

Stacey Smith - A musical impro Angel, Oslo Impro Festival is proud to have Stacey as a workshop leader and performer. Stacey perform regularly at CSz, at iO with The Musical Armando and The Deltones, in various projects with The Second City (most recently Life Hacks, The Really Awesome Improv Show and #DateMe in the UP Comedy Club) or with her various independent teams (Stacked, Brouhahaha and Smith&I) around town and/or at festivals.  
Matt Castellvi -  A great guy!

Speakeasy + Festival All-Stars(NO/US) - The Improv Speakeasy is the house team of Impro Neuf International. We love high culture and lowbrow humor: you will never guess whether the next scene will be a Shakespearean tragedy or a reference to Family Guy. With a mixed cast of clowns and scientists, we like to touch different parts of the heart and brain in one show. Speakeasy is Aree, Johanne, Sverre, Robin, Magnus, Andreas, Benedicte, Jack and Eivind. Meet the cast: www.improvspeakeasy.com

In this Festival All-Stars show, we have two very special guests performing with us: Chicago improv legend JAY SUKOW and musical superstar STACEY SMITH! 


Venue: Lillesalen, Chateau Neuf
Doors open 19:45 (Show starts on time @20:00)
Duration: ca. 100 minutes (10 min intermission)


120 NOK, Regular

70 NOK  (Performers, Volenteers and Workshop Participants)




Alcoholic drinks are sold at Chateau Neuf's bars and may be taken into the theatre.
You may NOT bring any alcohol from outside Chateau Neuf.
Age limit 18 and over. Persons under 18 require guardianship (please contact CN).


The show starts precisely on time. If you are later then show start entrance is not guaranteed!

Schedule and content are subject to change
Tickets are non-refundable