Impro Neuf proudly presents Oslo Impro Festival 2018 and the show THURSDAY FESIVAL TICKLE

Performing teams: Les Fruits Confus(FR) - Impro Beer(NO) - MoJo(NO) - Improv Comedy Riga(LV)


Les Fruits Confus(FR) is a brand new company gathering improvisers from Bordeaux, France. In their show "Salade de Free", they play freeform improv: no format, no narrative structure, just rules and patterns created organically during the show. The result is poetic, funny and intense.

Impro Beer(NO) - Improbeer is a group of Norwegian amateur improvisers who have all attended workshops at The andre teatret in Oslo. These guys bonded over beer and so it's only right that the name of the group is Improbeer. The main concept for these guys is different improv-games. They challenge themselves, they have fun and perhaps they'll even put each other in the shit.. Who knows. You'll have to come and see them perform live at the festival!' 

MoJo(NO) - Meet MoJo, one of Oslo’s newest improv duos. They take great pride in the fact that they are at least 50% more gender-balanced and ethnically diverse than most improv troupes in this ice-clad land called Norway.  Educators by day, improvisers by night, what Mona & Jørgen cannot express intellectually or verbally - they make up for through interpretive dance.

Improv Comedy Riga(LV) - Wish you could hear what the improviser is thinking during the scene? Well you’re in luck, because we’ll call out ourselves or each other whenever we feel like we need to. AND! We’ve all heard the most common complaint about longform improv shows like ’weLL yOu gUys diDn’T meNtiOn tHe suGgeStiOn and diDn’T lEt tHe auDienCe parTiciPate aT aLL!!!!!. Well you’re in double-luck now, because we’ll let you (the audience) participate and make some director notes during the show. Come and create magic with us!


Venue: Lillesalen, Chateau Neuf
Doors open 17:45 (Show starts on time @18:00)
Duration: ca. 120 minutes (10 min intermission)


100 NOK, Regular

60 NOK  (Performers, Volenteers and Workshop Participants)



Alcoholic drinks are sold at Chateau Neuf's bars and may be taken into the theatre.
You may NOT bring any alcohol from outside Chateau Neuf.
Age limit 18 and over. Persons under 18 require guardianship (please contact CN).


The show starts precisely on time. If you are later then show start entrance is not guaranteed!

Schedule and content are subject to change
Tickets are non-refundable