Impro Neuf Wednesdays 30 August


IMPRO NEUF WEDNESDAYS is the newest badass comedy in town. Starting from August 30th, Chateau Neuf presents weekly English improv shows (completely unscripted!) from a fresh variety of Oslo improv teams. It's different teams every Wednesday, and you get to sample like it's Julebord all year!

Room: Lillesalen, Chateau Neuf
Duration: 1,5 hours maybe
Tickets: ONLY 50 NOKs!* (30 NOK for CN-members)

During our promotional period, BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE! (Only for online purchases). 

See our Facebook page for the event:

*This series is brought to you by the non-profit organization Impro Neuf. Join our fun community of Impro Neuf International for more English improv and free beginner workshops!



Alcoholic drinks are sold at Chateau Neuf's bars and may be taken into the theatre.
You may NOT bring any alcohol from outside Chateau Neuf.
Age limit 18 and over. Persons under 18 require guardianship (please contact CN).